#3under2 – Six Weeks Old

So nu? You going to give me a mazel tov!

I’ve reached the halfway mark in the newborn stage, and I’m *starting* to feel like a person again. I went out with the baby the a couple weeks back for an appointment (chiropractor. How come no one tells you your baby’s head is going to get out of whack when they’re born?), and when I came into the kitchen dressed in real clothing, S asked me, “Mommy bye-bye?”

*ahem* well… when you mention it…

It’s so funny because with my girls, I got dressed every single day. I even went shopping for clothing when they were 3 weeks old.

It feels so good this time that I’ve given myself the space to let go and take it easy.

Sure, I’m 6 weeks postpartum. Sure I’m officially back at “work.”

But I’m nowhere near feeling 100% yet.

So that means robe and snood on more days than not. And that’s okay.

Letting myself take it easy during this crazy time has really taken a load off of me – because trust me, there are still plenty of loads to deal with.

Miss S and Miss C are still struggling through the nap regression that began shortly after Sir G was born, and of course, there’s building Sir G’s naps as well.

B”H nighttime is starting to look more like… nighttime. We’re down to two feeds most nights, and sometimes the first one is before I go to bed, so that means I only have to wake up once.

But the girls still want me to carry them up and down the stairs, and I’m still not up to that yet. And they still are kvetchy and clingy during the day – and inevitably the WORST breakdowns HAVE to happen right outside the door to Sir G’s bedroom when he’s in there…


Iiiiiiin other news, though, G started babbling last week. It’s so precious!

I have a theory that Hashem makes babies start to smile right around the 6 week mark because that’s when we moms start to lose it. (Most of my newborn clients reach out to me between 5 and 7 weeks old).

Love seeing those toothless grins!

We’re getting there!

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