#3under2 – Seven Weeks Old

Click, click, click.

That’s what Sir G has sounded like for about ever when nursing.

I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it with the girls, but since taking my lactation course, I know that that means that something is up with his latch.

So I’ve been analyzing and overanalyzing and reanalyzing and latching and unlatching and relatching… and he’s still clicking.

Until yesterday.

Call it baby brain if you will, but yes, it DID take this long to figure out!

If there ain’t any problems outside his mouth, the problem must be INSIDE his mouth. Duh.

Sure enough, a peek inside shows a tight frenulum – tongue tie, my dear G.


B”H we have an amazing medical activist here in Chicago, so I’ve been in touch with him, and he’s going to try to get me in to the top pediatric ENT asap… which might not be for a week.

And, of course, I neglected to follow my own advice about bottles, and, in addition to being a prop snob, he’s a bottle snob too!

Of course, I’ve got my freezer stash for “just in case”s, but for now we’re just gonna have to keep on doing what we’re doing.

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