Your Two Step Action Plan To Breeze Through the Spring Clock Change

It’s not spring.

Or at least, it sure doesn’t feel like spring.

Don’t know about y’all, but for me here in Chicago, it’s 18 degrees outside. There’s a dusting of snow, and, despite the sunshine, plenty of ice.

So, no; not spring in my books.

But despite all of that, the clocks are doing their yearly “spring” thing — moving forward even if the weather doesn’t feel so springy. (Now, of course, if I had it my way, we wouldn’t be changing the clocks twice a year every year – springlessness or otherwise – … but alas, I do not have it my way. So we do change the clocks.)

But if you’re wondering what to do for the upcoming clock change (this weekend here in the US, later this month in Israel and the UK), I’ve got you covered!

Ready to dive in?


And you don’t even have to take notes! Grab my Spring Clock Change guide below to Sail through the Spring Clock Change in two easy steps.

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Comments (3)
  1. Noga Mayerfeld

    Hi! I was so excited to see a method to deal with the clock change, but got a bit confused there. Aren’t we going to be moving the clock ahead. If so they should be put to bed a half hour later, as far as I understand. Please clarify.

    Thanks as always for your great tips!

  2. Noga Mayerfeld

    I figured it out! Thanks again looking forward to trying this out!

    • Hi Noga,

      Glad you figure it out! I almost got it the wrong way the first time I tried to figure it out, too. You kind of have to turn your brain inside-out to chap it 😉

      Chaya Shifra