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No one ever said motherhood would be a walk in the park… but does that mean you’re supposed to be staggering around in a sleep-deprived haze of confusion and frustration?

Supposed to be? I think not!

But it’s all too common that that’s the case.

And that’s why I work with women like you – mothers of newborns, babies and toddlers who wish they could love being a mother as much as they love their children.

Motherhood Transformation

Being a mother is the role you always dreamed of… except that it isn’t quite playing out how you’d imagined. You wish you could be more functional for your child(ren) and not an exhausted wreck of a mother, wish you could be a wife and a person too, not just the Mamme Shmatte. You are ready to make something change.

If you don’t see the perfect package for you, or you’re not sure which one is the right one, let’s talk. Schedule your no-obligation Discovery Call so we can see if we’ll be a good fit to work together, and the best way I can support you.

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Esti R., mom of Yosef Shlomo

I feel like a different person.

It’s amazing to have Yosef Shlomo sleeping in his crib (which he hasn’t done in months!), and falling asleep independently. We have a new sense of freedom now that we do not have to attend to him all night long.
The best part about the process was having your constant support. Before we started, we were hesitant about the investment of time and money, but now I would definitely recommend you to other parents who have difficulty with their children’s sleep. You gave us more than enough time to discuss progress and answer questions, and we felt your concern and compassion throughout the process.

Devora B.

Before I started working together with you, Chaim could not fall asleep - or stay asleep - without his pacifier. Now he settles for the night without any assistance or sleep aid. I have my evenings back to myself and it feels great!

You were great to work with - very understanding towards the issues at hand, however strict on your methods and policies and I felt accountable to you (which was a good thing!)

Sara H.

Motty did not have any schedule. Being a busy working mother of four, I was constantly being distracted from what I was doing. Nothing was seamless. I couldn't tackle a sink full of dishes or a load of laundry and expect to finish the job because Motty would inevitably wake up and cry. The other children were not able to get proper attention because Motty's needs were more pressing. A less pressing issue, but probably equally important was that Motty spent most of most nights in my bed nursing. Both of us were not well rested in the morning and irritable as a result.

The most positive result we've seen is Motty's ability to put himself to sleep. He doesn't need us to nurse him, rock him, or push him in the stroller. He is able to get enough hours of restful sleep to be happy during wake hours.

I can start a chore, and finish it without interruption. I can go out at night without being concerned about him waking up and needing me. I am more rested, and in general a calmer mother.

Sandra S.

My toddler was not on much of a schedule and drank a bottle to fall asleep. He would wake up several times a night for a refill at the age of two!

We now have a bedtime routine that helps him settle down at night. The bedtime routine is everything a mother would want to do with her child anyway! Pjs, brushing teeth, reading a book, singing a song, hugs and kisses...he also doesnt take a bottle anymore and knows how to sleep on his own!

I am now able to feel confident that my child is well rested to learn and grow properly. I don't have to worry that his teeth are getting ruined from a bottle overnight. I can also go to sleep on time myself, not having to wonder when i will have to get up next to refill a bottle.

I really appreciated your amazing phone and email support. Every question I asked had a personalized well thought out response. Very detail oriented program. Very organized and clear. Very understanding. Everything was amazing.

I would like to add a huge thank you for making what I thought was impossible come true. I also loved how you incorporated parenting into sleeping. You really understand children and what works or doesn't work. So, thanks again for everything!!

Temima E.

Your support and confidence inspired us that change was possible and we have a newly enriched life thanks to you!